Corda-powered solutions that transformed financial markets in 2021 and Season’s Greetings from R3 CEO

As we reflect on our accomplishments over the last year, the R3 team is filled with immense gratitude for your continued support. Being part of an ecosystem means building on our collective strengths, and we are proud of everything we’ve accomplished together in 2021.

Please take a moment to view a special end-of-year message from our Founder and CEO, David E. Rutter.

Corda-powered solutions that transformed financial markets in 2021

2021 was an exciting year in multi-party technology! Need some holiday reading? Check out these Corda-powered solutions that truly have revolutionized regulated financial markets this year.

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Agora’s digital “smart bonds”

Launched this year, agora’s Syndicated Bond and Structured Products applications enable issuers to create digital “smart bonds” that quickly model complex securities to automate lifecycle events and synchronize data across all participants. By automating the bond lifecycle from inception to redemption, the solution eliminates the need for costly reconciliations and improves internal workflow efficiencies.

Bullion Integrity Ledger™

aXedras launched its Bullion Integrity Ledger™ this year, a blockchain-based application that digitalizes the precious metal value chain all the way from miner to investor. This solution boosts provenance tracking, regulatory compliance and product integrity while reducing transaction times, manual processes and reconciliation.

Coadjute Network

Coadjute’s DLT network connects the existing software of the property market to enable multi-party workflows and the tokenization of funds and titles. The Coadjute Network opens the door to a new era of collaboration, speed and security in real estate transactions and mortgage settlements. Executing their first transaction in July, Coadjute has signed up software platforms that support 70% of the UK’s estate agents.


This year, GROW Inc launched DLTA, a platform that handles the full range of processes involved in superannuation administration and investment management. By harmonizing the fragmented world of superannuation, DLTA cuts operational costs and increases the value of pensions upon retirement.

Instimatch Global’s cash management platform

Gone live in 2021, Instimatch Global is streamlining unsecured money markets, FX and repo trades through their latest cash management platform. The platform enables institutional treasuries to communicate, share data and trade securely with absolute confidentiality and trust across different sectors and geographies.

Realstocks’ tokenized CRE loans

The Realstocks solution fractionalizes commercial real estate (CRE) loans into liquid digital assets or tokens. By digitizing and automating the loan agreement process, the solution enables the seamless creation and trading of regulatory-compliant digital assets, while reducing costs and inefficiencies for lenders and borrowers.

SIX Digital Exchange (SDX)

Just last month, SIX launched SIX Digital Exchange (SDX), a fully integrated trading, settlement and custody infrastructure built on Corda. SDX marked its launch with the world’s first bond issuance using a pure digital part in a fully regulated environment. The launch of SDX is one of the biggest changes we are likely to see in financial market infrastructure in our lifetime, and this solution will set the standard for digital asset exchanges and digital central security depositories created in the future.

Wells Fargo Digital Cash

After successfully completing a pilot in 2020, Wells Fargo launched its internal Digital Cash solution in 2021. The solution allows Wells Fargo to complete internal book transfers of cross-border payments within its global network using tokenized cash, resulting in less transfer time, costs and points of failure.


Wishing you and those closest to you a safe and happy holiday season. We’ll see you in 2022!