Reap the benefits of tech modernization and digital assets

Siloed models, complex post-trade workflow processes and centralized legacy technology are discordant with market demands for a 24/7 market, zero-risk, faster settlement and borderless transactions.


World’s first fully-licensed live digital asset exchange

SDX is an end-to-end issuance, trading, settlement and custody infrastructure for digital assets, regulated by FINMA. Powered by R3’s Corda, SDX integrates digital asset trading, settlement and custody on a secure, simple and instantaneous infrastructure.


Future of Finance: What can traditional exchanges do to digitize their offerings?

In this interview with Future of Finance, R3’s Global Head of Capital Markets Business Development Angie Walker discusses the advantages of borderless digital asset exchanges, including increased trading windows, expanded universe of tradable assets and access to new markets.

Why exchanges and central counterparties choose Corda

Lifecycle management
of data

Privacy, integrity and authenticity of data processed and managed on a Corda ledger is preserved throughout its entire lifecycle.

Financial services

Provides access to the largest network of trading participants including banks, digital-issuance platforms, exchanges, clearers and payment agents.

Technology that meets regulatory requirements

Recognized by ISDA as the only platform able to create legally enforceable smart contracts for cross-border OTC derivatives on blockchain.

Don’t just take our word for it

Hear from an R3 customer

customer success story

Nasdaq leverages Corda to create digital marketplaces

R3’s Corda is the underlying DLT infrastructure for our marketplace offerings. Using Corda, we have an end-to-end trade lifecycle platform that not only supports exchanges moving digital, but also the banks and broker segments as they formalize their strategies in this area.

Paul McKeown Senior Vice President & Chief Revenue Officer, Market Platforms, Nasdaq

Euroclear uses Corda to digitize financial market infrastructure

Innovation is about trying to leverage what works well and trying to address what does not work well and that’s where specialized DLTs like Corda can help you connect the dots and run the process much more efficiently than it is today.

Edwin DePauw – Managing Director, Euroclear

Corda selected to power DTCC’s alternative settlement platform

Powered by Corda, Project Ion is an important step forward in advancing digitalization in financial markets and opens the door to exciting, new opportunities to drive greater efficiencies, risk management and cost savings for the industry.

Murray Pozmanter – Managing Director, President of DTCC, Clearing Agency Services and Head of Global Business Operations

DLT-based market infrastructure can shorten the securities settlement cycle

Reduce risk

Shortening settlement windows reduces counterparty, operational and market risk.

Settle instantaneously

Leverage digitalization and modernized systems to enable atomic settlement, 24/7 operations and continuous digital asset trading.

Increase liquidity

Reduced risk lowers margin requirements and releases greater capital.

Who trusts R3 and Corda to modernize and streamline their infrastructure?


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