Trademark Policy


Last updated: February 2021

This Trademark Policy (“Policy”) applies to your use of the of all trademark, trade names, trade dress, brand identities, titles, characters, logos, service marks, color schemes, designs and graphical logos that identify or are owned by R3 or any of its products or services, including, without limitation, those embedded in or associated with Corda, Corda Enterprise, and Conclave software, and related documentation (collectively “R3 Marks”).  You may refer to a list of R3 Marks here. R3 LLC and its affiliates (“R3,” “we” or “us”)) own all R3 Marks.

If you have any questions about this Policy or the R3 Marks, please contact us by email at [email protected]  or by mail at 1155 Avenue of the Americas , Floor 34, New York, NY 10036.

1. Purpose of this Policy

R3 makes certain software available for use under the Apache 2.0 and other open-source licenses at  or pursuant to a software license or similar evaluation agreement or development license agreement and then only to the extent of and within the scope of the permission granted under such agreement. Certain of the software contains R3 Marks in the code base, user interfaces and associated documentation.  While R3 encourages the use of the software in accordance with its applicable open source or enterprise software licenses, including building additional applications and functions on top of the R3 code, if you use any code or other materials that include any R3 Marks, this Policy applies to you.  This Policy is intended to ensure that the R3 Marks are used in approved ways to legally protect our brands; prevent mistakes, deception, and confusion in the marketplace about products bearing the R3 Marks; and protect the reputation and goodwill of R3 and the R3 Marks.

If you have any questions about the use of the R3 Marks or if you wish to use the R3 Marks in any way other than as permitted by this Policy, please contact us at [email protected].

1. Permitted Uses of R3 Marks

You may use the R3 Marks only in the forms and format provided by R3, including with any applicable registration symbol.  Any modifications or variations of the R3 Marks is strictly prohibited.  The following uses of the R3 Marks are permitted under this Policy. All other uses of must be approved in writing by R3.

  1. Nominative Use. You may use the R3 Marks if the use is “nominative,” meaning that the R3 Mark is being used to identify software or products produced, provided, or made available by R3.  In this context, you may use only so much of the R3 Marks as is reasonably necessary to identify the applicable R3 product or service.  You may not use the Corda Mark with products or service not produced, provided or made available by R3.

  2. Linking. You may use the R3 Marks, including graphical logos, on your own website, or in other materials, such as presentations and slides in each case solely as a means to refer to R3’s software products. Except as agreed upon in writing by R3, you may not use any of the R3 Marks as part of a reference to any other product, service, or website.

  3. Redistribution of Software.
  1. (i) You may use the R3 Marks to the extent and in the form they are embedded in unmodified software downloaded from R3’s open source repositories. When redistributing our unmodified software, you must retain the R3 Marks incorporated into that project and its associated documentation.
  2. (ii) Notwithstanding the foregoing, R3 reserves the right to require you to remove any or all R3 Marks from any distributed software at any time upon written notice.
  1. Prohibited Uses of R3 Marks. Any use of R3 Marks or any colorable imitations thereof may constitute trademark infringement or unfair competition unless otherwise expressly authorized by R3. Among others, the following are prohibited without prior written permission from R3:

    1. Commercial Use. Other than pursuant to a commercial agreement with R3 reflecting the same, you may not use the R3 Marks in connection with commercial redistribution of an R3 product, such as Corda software (commercial redistribution includes, but is not limited to, redistribution in connection with any commercial business activities or revenue-generating business activities) regardless of whether the Corda software is modified or unmodified.

    2. Endorsement or Sponsorship. You may not use the R3 Marks in a manner that would imply affiliation with or endorsement, sponsorship, or support of any product or service by R3 or its affiliates.

    3. You may not remove or change the R3 trademarks on an unmodified R3 product, such as Corda software to your own brand.  You may not hold yourself out as the source of the R3 product, such as Corda software, except to the extent you have modified the software as permitted under the applicable software license and you make it clear that you are the source only of the modification.

    4. Advertising. Do not use R3 Marks in false or misleading advertising.

    5. Domain Names. You may not use the R3 Marks or any variations thereof or any confusingly similar phrase or name in a domain name or URL without our prior written  permission.

    6. Entity Names. You may not form a company, use a company name, or create a software product name that includes the R3 Marks.

    7. Marks, Logos, Slogans and Designs. Do not adopt marks, logos, slogans, or designs that incorporate or are confusingly similar to R3 Marks.

      1. You may not use the R3 Marks to identify software that combines any portion of an R3 product, including Corda software, with any other software, unless the combined distribution is an official R3 Corda distribution.

      2. You may not manufacture, sell, or give away merchandise items, such as T-shirts and mugs, bearing any of the R3 Marks, or create any mascot for the project that includes any of the R3 Marks without our prior written permission.

    8. Variations on R3 Marks. You may not create or use any variations of the R3 Marks or any marks that are confusingly similar to any of the R3 Marks for any purpose. Do not shorten, abbreviate, or create acronyms out of any of the R3 Marks.

    9. No Violations. Do not display any of the R3 Marks on a website or on material that includes or distributes materials that violate any law or regulation.

    10. Social Media. Do not use or register any of the R3 Marks as or incorporated in any social media account names, profiles, or aliases.

    11. Improper Trademark Use.  You must not use any of the R3 Marks as a noun or as a generic term.  They must always be used in conjunction with the applicable product or service, such as “Corda software”.