Strengthen traceability, tokenize assets and transform payments

As the world goes digital, customers are demanding faster and better service. Distributed applications can digitize a wide range of functions and enable companies across all industries to remain competitive in today’s fast-developing digital economy, while also streamlining processes.

Participate in a business network

Interested in participating in versus building an application?

Join one of the many distributed business networks powered by R3’s Corda.


Why corporations choose Corda


Corda can be integrated with existing payment rails to make it easier for Business Network Operators to transact with peers across other networks.


Tap into the largest permissioned enterprise blockchain production ecosystem in the world. Corporations can both join existing business networks and build their own digital multi-party solution. Some institutions do both.

Digital asset capabilities

Develop solutions powered by the best-of-breed distributed ledger for regulated, institutional grade, digital asset issuance, trading and settlement.


R3 is investing in interoperability to ensure Corda can act as a trusted bridge to networks within and beyond the Corda ecosystem.


Corporations can both participate in and build their own distributed applications

VIDEO May 25, 2022

How Vodafone is using blockchain to bring identity and payments to the world of IoT

Vodafone is on an exciting journey to bring people, business and IoT devices to blockchain. We see the marriage of Corda with its strength in the financial services area with Vodafone’s ambition to get devices transacting as really powerful.

David Palmer – Blockchain Head, Vodafone
Use Case

Why Ericsson is building an end-to-end acceptance testing solution (ECA) on Corda

We started with one solution on Corda, which is now in full production. We’re in development on new use cases that are addressing the telecom market at its core.



Expert services and support

R3 is here to support you at every stage of your DLT journey–from experimentation to production. Our Professional Services team offers a variety of standard and custom SaaS offerings to kick start development and deployment.

Who trusts R3 and Corda to power the new digital economy?

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