We exist to transform financial markets to operate with greater efficiency and transparency

R3 is leading the future of digital finance by powering multi-party solutions that deliver digital trust and unlock greater potential for regulated businesses everywhere.

founders’ vision

Trust that ‘what you see is what I see’

In 2014, David E. Rutter, Todd McDonald and Jesse Edwards founded R3 with the belief that direct, digital collaboration was the future of financial services. The ‘what you see is what I see’ foundational principle has only grown in importance with the acceleration of not just digital finance, but of everything.

From the very early days of R3 backed by over 42 of the world’s largest banks, one of our simple mantras was to build technology that allows regulated businesses to trust that ‘what you see is what I see.’

David E. RutterFounder, Chief Executive Officer

At R3, we are committed to moving financial markets forward by building trusted bridges across regulated networks, enabling minimal friction and delivering maximum safety. Because in this fast-moving market if you’re standing still, you’re actually moving backwards.

Todd McDonaldCo-Founder, Chief Strategy Officer

Less centralized, more connected

As financial services veterans, David and Todd knew first-hand that there was a lack of trust in how financial institutions collaborated and transacted with each other, and their customers. They believed that if these organizations were less centralized and more connected, financial markets—and other regulated industries—could run far more efficiently and effectively.

Passion to drive distributed ledger technology forward

The R3 team developed Corda—the world’s first native private, permissioned DLT platform that is not only secure and regulatory-compliant by design, but has facilitated hundreds of networks across financial services.

Our milestones

How the story unfolded


Bank consortium

R3 started as a collection of nine banks committed to leveraging DLT. The bank participation quickly grew from 9 to 60.


Evolved to a software firm

With the support of the banks, R3 evolved from a consortium to an enterprise software and services firm.


Launched the world’s first permissioned open source DLT platform.


$120+ million

Series A was led by 40 global institutions. Largest ever USD investment for DLT at the time.


Launched the Enterprise Edition of Corda with mission-critical features for production.


Largest permissioned DLT ecosystem

The ecosystem grew to the largest in the world with over 400+ CorDapps. 


Acquired tokenization specialist firm to strengthen digital currency capabilities.


The next generation of Corda launches (Corda 5).

Our story today

R3 is a leading provider of enterprise technology and services that enable the secure exchange of value in regulated industries where trust is critical. Applications developed on our tokenization platform Corda harness the “Power of 3″—R3’s distributed ledger technology (DLT), connected networks and regulated markets expertise—to drive transformation in digital finance.

As one of the first companies to deliver a private, permissioned DLT platform, R3’s Corda empowers regulated institutions to innovate and unlock the power of digital assets and currencies, so that they can realize the full potential of the digital economy. We maintain one of the largest permissioned DLT ecosystems in the world, including global systems integrators, cloud providers, technology firms, software vendors, corporates, regulators, and financial services firms from the public and private sectors.

Backed by the world’s leading financial institutions

Our investors

Advised by the world’s leading banks and tech firms

Our board members

Paul Melchiorre

Chairman of the Board

Operating Partner

Duncan McInnes

CIO Global Markets

Vinay Mendonca

MD & Global Head Product, Propositions & Structuring, Trade and Receivables Finance

Roel Huisman

Head of Payment & Settlement Services

Frederic Dalibard

Head of Digital for CIB & Global Blockchain Coordinator

Mamoru Fujimoto

Head of Blockchain Promotion Department Executive Officer

Inessa Even

Senior Investor Principal Technology Investments

Chris Brewster

Independent Director

Christopher Murphy

Independent Director

Led by a STRONG AND diverse team

Our leadership team

David E. Rutter

Chief Executive Officer

Todd McDonald

Chief Strategy Officer

Nick Horsley

Chief of Staff

Kate Karimson

Chief Commercial Officer

Dave Hudson

Chief Engineering Officer

Kenneth Paqvalen

Chief Financial Officer

James Mitchell
James Mitchell

Chief People Officer

Anette Somosi

Chief Legal Officer

Richard Brown

Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Alisa DiCaprio

Chief Economist


Partnering with trade associations

We are actively engaged with trade associations such as ISDA, Hyperledger Foundation, GBBC, and Association for Cooperative Operations Research and Development (ACORD).