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The digital economy is driving a new breed of fintech

The past two years have accelerated the move to a cloud-based, cashless and disintermediated world. Now more than ever, financial institutions and their customers demand real-time data and insights. And new entrants are emerging every day to become influential forces that can operate and scale in a new connected digital economy.


Your applications are already integrated into your customers’ workflow and their businesses depend on them

Activate your latent network by connecting your customers to each other, and, in turn, to their customers. Enterprise blockchain can enable new revenue-generating software solutions and a way to increase the value of existing portfolio solutions.

Multi-party transparency

A shared system of record among all participants helps parties to collaborate and maintain shared data, control how it is shared and ensure it is strictly verified before being written to the ledger.

Inter-firm automation

Improve workflow by automating data and transaction processing across the business network and enable inter-firm business-process efficiency and transparency. Orchestrate complex and/or long running multi-party workflows with resilience.

Digital assets and identity

Fully digitalize real-world assets to enable faster end-to-end exchange of value, create new tradable assets and leverage standardized digital identities across a network.


Reimagine legacy financial products

Transform legacy products that may still be on premises into transparent, cost-effective, and innovative solutions that enable cloud-based, secure and efficient transactions.

Why fintechs choose Corda

Corda as the engine

Built for the needs of highly-regulated institutions, Corda delivers privacy, scalability and security, making it the leading choice for fintechs large and small.

Regulatory compliant platform

Leverage a P2P enterprise blockchain application development platform that is grounded in legal constructs and compatible with existing and emerging regulations such as ISO 2022 and ISDA CDM.


Only R3 provides access to a growing ecosystem of regulated institutions exploring digital assets, currencies, KYC, payments and more that can help build applications and participate in PoC business networks.

R3’s flagship platform, Corda, played a major role by sharing collateral information and moving collateral in real time, with security and appropriate transparency among counterparties, custodians, and other relevant parties.

Mark Brickell—CEO, Clearmarkets

R3, with its Corda product, provides the final piece of the puzzle on which we can build a truly revolutionary post-trade solution.

Graham Rodford—CEO, Archax

When we were shortlisting technology partners for GREENIUM, we were looking for a partner who not only had critical mass in the financial services industry but also one who could accompany us from start to finish on the development side. It quickly became clear that R3 was the right fit for us.

Luc Olinger—CEO, Greenium

Moving home is one of the biggest and most important transactions many people will do in their lives. Our goal is to make the process faster and easier, with confidentiality and security critical considerations. This is why we have built our network using R3’s financial-grade trust technology, because we believe people’s data should be treated as safely and securely as their money.

Daniel Salmons—CEO, Coadjute

Deliver new revenue-generating solutions and increase the value of existing solutions

Generate new revenue

Leading fintechs have at their disposal a customer base that has the potential to expand into new parts of the value chain and new markets. Create more collaborative solutions with customers that increase long term revenue.

Deliver innovative offerings

Propel a range of solutions that can help customers accelerate their digital asset, digital payments, and digital currency business.

Move from siloed customer bases to connected networks

Connect existing users of legacy back-office capital markets solutions with a distributed application that brings customers together around shared facts and extend market reach by adding value to all participants—buy-side, sell-side, custodians and regulators.

Resilient and transparent
B2B network

Ensure incumbent software products are not made redundant by emerging blockchain applications, new entrants and the expansion of new business networks.


Passing along benefits to your customers

Data control

Applications built on a blockchain platform can enable end-users to provide solutions that allow customers to control their own data and how it’s consumed.

Network effect

Eliminate islands of business networks and increase interoperability, leveraging blockchain’s network effect.

Increase revenue

Open up new business models and product offerings, for example through tokenization and digital assets—for both you and your customers.

Who trusts R3 to power new distributed applications that drive digital transformation?


Want to take a deeper dive into use cases? Check out our eGuide for software vendors

Build multi-party solutions to accelerate innovation. A software vendor’s guide to adding business value with distributed applications.

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