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R3 is committed to integrating environmental, social and governance (ESG) best practices into our business operations and product strategy.  Our company-wide ESG approach is anchored in the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals and is tailored to meet the specific needs of our customers and colleagues.


The meaning of ESG

ESG refers to environmental, social and governance indicators which are increasingly used by corporate entities. They enable the measurement of the environmental, social and governance-related performance of a business.


Climate change strategy, biodiversity, water efficiency, energy efficiency, carbon intensity, environmental management system


Equal opportunities, freedom of association, health and safety, human rights, customer and products responsibility, child labor


Business ethics, compliance, board independence, executive compensation, shareholder democracy, technology governance


Our commitment to environmental protection

As a company, R3 is committed to reducing our carbon footprint. This commitment influences everything we do—from the partnerships we form to the products we develop. Our flagship DLT platform, Corda, is one of the most sustainable blockchain platforms—by design—on the market. Being a private, permissioned infrastructure, Corda uses minimal energy per transaction making it an inherently more sustainable option than public, permissionless blockchains, such as Ethereum.


GuildOne: Migrating Assets from Corda to Cardano

In this session from CordaCon 2022, GuildOne’s CEO James Graham discusses their recent project, ESG1, and how it leverages Corda to issue and trade sustainable assets with trust.


Greenium: The New DLT-based Platform for Financing and Investing in Sustainable Assets

Greenium enables platform-based, bank-independent financing of sustainable assets. Powered by Corda, Greenium provides originators of sustainable physical assets with access to capital while providing investors access to sustainable investment opportunities.

A key outcome of 2021’s COP26 conference was the principle that all financial decisions now need to take climate into account and industry leaders need to integrate ESG priorities into their portfolios. Blockchain can provide the transparency, integrity and trust to support ESG markets with integrity and Corda is on the path to becoming a global leader as a sustainable finance platform.

James Graham—CEO, GuildOne

When we were shortlisting technology partners for GREENIUM, we were looking for a partner who not only had critical mass in the financial services industry but also one who could accompany us from start to finish on the development side. It quickly became clear that R3 was the right fit for us.

Luc Olinger—CEO, Greenium

Our social commitment

Contributing to society through our products, our people and our business strategy is deeply rooted in R3’s culture. Led by R3 employees, our corporate social responsibility initiatives have contributed over 400K USD to more than 100 charities across the globe.


Our commitment to responsible corporate governance

In providing technology for highly regulated markets, R3 employees are held to the same regulatory standards as the markets we serve. We provide yearly mandatory training for all employees in areas such as AML, KYC, insider trading and other important governance considerations. These are regularly reviewed and refreshed as needed.


Leveraging DLT for ESG reporting and ecosystem data collaboration

ESG reporting and calculation of a company’s carbon footprint are only growing ever more important. Financial data alone no longer suffices. Blockchain platforms like Corda provide a distributed approach for sharing data in a secure, trusted and standardized way and can propel next-gen network ESG collaboration. For companies to truly capitalize on DLT for ESG reporting and sustainability data, they need to explore decentralized data governance mechanisms, integrate with existing IT infrastructure, as well as industry standards for ESG reporting.

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