Case Study

Streamlining unsecured money markets, FX and repo trades

Instimatch Global is a Swiss-based financial technology company streamlining unsecured money market funds, FX and repo trades through their cash management platform. Powered by Corda, the solution reduces the time and effort to structure deals with existing counterparties while also enabling them to diversify their trading partner network.


Limited Trading Partners 

More than 65% of money market transactions occur between existing trading partners locally (or regionally) which limits the pool of potential counterparties and trading opportunities.

Traditional Platforms Inhibit Connectivity

Existing platforms do not encompass all market participants due to costs and complexities.

No Centralized Trading Venue

Contributes to missed opportunities due to limited awareness of potential counterparties.


Infrastructure to a Global Trading Network 

Corda facilitates true peer-to-peer transactions, with assurance of data confidentiality and an immutable trading history.

Transact Securely

Institutional treasuries can communicate, share data and trade securely with absolute confidentiality across different sectors and geographies. 

Price Optimization

Order book visualization and multilateral price discovery capability to enable traders to reach out to a broad range of trading partners at once to optimize price discovery.


Simple web interface where users can negotiate and trade efficiently and safely.


Global Trading Network

Expansive, diverse trading partner network of 180+ across 25 geographies and many sectors.

Improves Time Savings 

Greatly reduces the effort traders need to structure deals and onboard new counterparties. 

Broadens Access

Diversified lending portfolios and sources of cash provide potential for superior yields. 

Alongside Corda’s extremely large and impressive global ecosystem within the financial services industry, Corda is arguably the best–perhaps the only–real permissioned DLT, ensuring unparalleled confidentiality for the data residing on our platform. And with its incredible customer service and start-up friendly ecosystem, R3 has provided us with an influential and dependable partner who is always available to help and support.

Hugh Macmillen—Chief Innovation Officer and Founder, Instimatch Global