Announcing the Corda Challenge Brasil Featuring Brasilseg and Mondelez

After the success of our Insurtech and 5G Corda Challenges, we wanted to promote an entire start-up ecosystem in one country! Over the coming months, Brazilian start-ups will have the opportunity to solve key industry problems through the Corda Challenge Brasil.

We are proud to announce with our partner Distrito, one of the largest innovation accelerators in Brazil, that we have brought together industry experts in supply chain and insurance, Mondelez and Brasilseg respectively, to propose key industry problem statements for start-ups to solve using Corda. These statements range from supply chain tracking to solving inefficiencies in the insurance claims process. This is your chance to solve key business problems using Corda with support from industry participants.

How it works:

Over three rounds, participants will be tasked with pitching, designing, and developing a unique application built on Corda, R3’s scalable DLT application development platform, that solves one of the use-cases defined by our sponsors: Mondelez and Brasilseg.

Entries will be narrowed down to a handful of finalists who will present a full stack application prototype to a panel of judges. Successful finalists could win up to USD $20,000 prize from R3, in addition to continued support from our sponsors to help bring their product to market. What’s not to like!

Challenge rounds:

Round 1: Value Proposition

Get your pitch deck ready… The first round will assess the extent to which the proposed solution meets the challenge statement. Why is your approach the one to beat?

Round 2: Solution Design

The second round will go one level further, reviewing the design of your solution (architecture and business model). Can you demonstrate its business value? We’ll be looking for a clickable prototype and a short video with your design thinking.

Round 3: Implementation

In this round, finalists will showcase a demo-able full stack solution built on Corda. Suit up — you’ll be presenting to a panel of senior judges to be considered for the grand prize! Location of the final to be determined.

Requirements and how to enter

The basic requirements are that you are a start-up:

  • Registered Brazilian company with a CNPJ number
  • Presenting a solution solving one of the problem statements
  • Willing to commit time to build your solution
  • Read the additional regulations here

You can find the requirements, complete problem statements and enter your submission by visiting our Corda Challenge Brasil site here. Entries will close on the 24th of October 2021.