CBDC Research Overview & Conceptual Model

Provides a map for contextualizing the working group’s research findings, and highlights considerations relevant to the issuance, governance, and facilitation of a CBDC.

Meet R3’s Digital Currency team who organized the CBDC Working Group, informed its conceptual model, and is producing the aligned deliverables.

  • Ricardo Correia

    Head of Business Development, R3 Head of Digital Currencies
  • George Calle

    Research Lead, R3
  • Daniel Eidan

    Solution Architect, R3 Adviser
  • Pallavi Thakur

    Product Owner, R3 Sales Engineer – Advisor, Digital Currencies
  • Willy Lim

    Senior Advisor, R3 Principal Sales Engineer
  • Jack Fletcher

    Government Relations Manager EMEA, R3 Government Relation Manager
  • Austen Appleby

    Product Commercialization Associate, Digital Currencies, R3 Digital Currencies Product Development

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