R3 launches new DLT product suite and appoints Kate Karimson as Chief Commercial Officer

  • New Corda-based product suite, R3 Digital Markets, lowers barriers to entry for DLT in regulated markets
  • Delivers ease of use, operational efficiency and rapid time to market
  • Kate Karimson appointed as Chief Commercial Officer

JANUARY 24TH, LONDON/NEW YORK: R3, the enterprise distributed ledger technology (DLT) and services firm, has launched R3 Digital Markets. The new suite of end-to-end digital solutions helps firms to adopt and drive value from digital assets and digital currencies today, whilst preparing for the future of regulated markets, from initial exploration to full scale production. To lead the roll out of the new suite, R3 has appointed financial technology leader and capital markets expert Kate Karimson as Chief Commercial Officer.

R3 Digital Markets, powered by R3’s Corda, the market leading, regulatory compliant tokenization platform, is a new solution built to connect financial markets. It is designed to progress markets by driving the adoption of best-in-class solutions, industry standards, enabling efficiency, cost reductions, and the safe integration of DLT into core business operations. Corda has been deployed by hundreds of institutions operating at scale in capital markets including SIX Digital Exchange (SDX), ABI Lab (Spunta Banca DLT) and Euroclear D-FMI. The launch of R3 Digital Markets will make it easier than ever for regulated businesses to prepare for the digital future while enhancing current operations using Corda. R3 Digital Markets champions interoperability, not isolation, and ensures businesses are fully equipped to manage both digital and traditional assets effectively.

The R3 Digital Markets product suite includes:

  • R3 Digital Currency: offering comprehensive management of the full lifecycle of digital currencies, including CBDCs and tokenized deposits, facilitating seamless interaction across networks and core banking systems for 24/7/365 settlement
  • R3 Digital Assets: enables full lifecycle management tokenization solutions and digital asset exchanges to be built quickly and robustly for the issuance, listing, trading, management and custody of existing and new assets, according to the business need
  • R3 Digital Connect: enables the seamless integration of classic existing systems and all DLT networks, facilitating interoperability and integration in financial markets
  • R3 Digital Lab: our expert DLT framework rapidly prototypes use cases, bypassing complex infrastructure, to swiftly realize your digital ambitions

“R3 is laser-focused on progressing capital markets infrastructure,” said R3 CEO and Founder David E. Rutter. “We’re designing long-term solutions for a seamlessly connected financial world. Corda built the foundation for this, as the only production-ready enterprise DLT solution built for regulated markets. With the launch of R3 Digital Markets, we’re further progressing Corda’s mission to unlock the true potential of digital currencies and digital assets, bringing unparalleled value to economies as they digitise.”

Leading the roll-out of R3 Digital Markets is Kate Karimson, a senior executive with extensive experience across financial services and DLT. She joins R3 with a proven track record of building innovative, industry-leading businesses and products for financial markets. Karimson joins R3 following leadership roles at CME Group, BrokerTec, ICAP and LedgerEdge.

“I’m excited to join the exceptional leadership team at R3,” said Karimson. “R3 has been at the forefront of digitising and shaping financial markets for almost a decade. Building DLT products and solutions is a complex challenge, and R3 Digital Markets is all about bringing together the experience of R3 and the foundations of Corda to modernise infrastructures and lay the groundwork for regulated networks that are not built in silos. R3 Digital Markets builds on the success of Corda by further removing barriers to entry for firms looking to build innovative DLT solutions, so they can prepare for the future of digital finance.”