Ricardo Correia

Global Head of Digital Currencies

Ricardo leads Strategy and Commercialization for Digital Currencies (CBDC and Stablecoins) at R3. He and his team have built a global DC working group with over 100 members, including major central banks in the G7 and G20 groups. In 2021 the R3 Digital Currencies team released a world-class Sandbox and Accelerator helping customers design, develop and deploy their solutions more efficiently and effectively.

Ricardo initially served as Head of APAC at R3 for the first 18 months, growing the team and working with member banks across the region. He then spent 3 years as Global Head of Strategic Alliances & Partnerships, building a network of 300+ global partners who develop solutions and offer services on Corda. Before joining R3 Ricardo held senior leadership positions at Avanade, Accenture and the Commonwealth Bank of Australia.