Digital Central Securities Depository (CSD) Platform

  • Equity markets around the world are demanding faster clearing and settlement services 
  • Need to modernize settlement clearing processing and ensure their relevance in capital markets for years to come
  • Digital CSD built on Corda integrated into upstream and downstream services such as centralized registry(s) and off-ledger settlement 
  • List, hold registry for, custody and settle a broader spectrum of institutional grade digital assets alongside traditional assets 
  • Potential to enable T+0 atomic settlement 
  • Why Corda? Corda was selected due to its unique distributed architecture and capabilities to improve the transparency, speed and resilience of the bond issuance process.
  • 1st digital bond issued on Euroclear’s D-FMI platform by the World Bank with Citi acting as issuer agent and TD Securities acting as dealer
  • Reduced settlement time to reduced counterparty, credit and default risk
  • Expand customer and asset bases over time
  • Impactful shift in how capital markets operate 
  • Manage full end-to-end asset lifecycle from issuance to settlement