T+1 settlement acceleration platform

  • U.S. Equity Market is demanding faster clearing and settlement services 
  • Need to modernize settlement clearing processing and ensure their relevance in capital markets for years to come
  • Corda underpins DTCC’s settlement acceleration platform which is operating at scale
  • Reduces settlement times for U.S. Equities from two days post trade (T+2) to  T+1  
  • Potential to fully integrate into the U.S. clearance and settlement processes
  • Capable of up to 6,300 trades per second or 115mn trades per day
  • Reduced settlement time to reduced counterparty, credit and default risk
  • Move to T+1 could reduce $13.4 billion held by its members in margin each day by 41%
  • Impactful shift in how capital markets operate 
  • Live in parallel production environment