Streamlining transactions in the property market

  • Residential property transactions in the UK often take five months, with almost one-third not completing.
  • The process needs to be faster and easier, with confidentially and security critical considerations.
  • The end-to-end process involves many businesses with siloed systems that do not interoperate, meaning no shared source of truth.
  • Constant human intervention is needed to chase, share and check information to keep the process on track.
  • The Coadjute Network connects the various systems and applications used across the property market value chain.
  • Businesses using different systems can participate seamlessly in the end-to-end process of managing and completing property transactions.
  • Any data source on Coadjute’s open network can be used to populate the Digital Property Data Pack, meaning data can be pulled automatically from a potentially infinite number of data sources.

Why Corda?

  • Coadjute selected R3’s Corda platform for its unrivalled privacy and confidentiality, unique flow framework to easily automate business processes, and true peer-to peer transactions–where transaction data can only be seen by and validated between the parties involved.
  • Projected 50% reduction in the time taken to complete property deals.
  • Lower costs and improved operational efficiency for all participants.
  • Improved customer experience for buyers and sellers.
  • Lower failure rate for transactions, and reduced incidences of fraud.