Digital Asset Broker platform

  • Vodafone operates a network of 150 million IoT devices (i.e., SIM cards) and the number of IoT devices is predicted to grow globally to 30 billion by 2025
  • Growing trend of IoT requires devices to exchange data and value in a secure and automated manner
  • DAB allows verified devices, vehicles, smart street furniture and machines to transact seamlessly and securely without human intervention, but with full owner control
  • DAB assigns unique digital identities to devices so it can communicate with other devices
  • Example: Allows electric vehicles (EV) to transact directly with charging points

Why Corda?

  • Corda provides an immutable source of truth for all transactions and enhanced security
  • Enables interoperability between previously siloed devices
  • Brings end-to-end trust and security
  • Integrated payments and smart contract capabilities