Webinar Replay: Winning in the Digital Economy: A New Focus for Startups

As a result of many of the challenges the world economy is currently facing, the transformation of towards a digital-first economy is rapidly progressing more rapidly than many people expected. As startups are very nimble by nature, they are able to take advantage of the opportunity this transformation provides by exploring emerging technologies such as Corda blockchain and applying it to their business model. This means that startups are now playing a fundamental part in accelerating the technology transformation for many larger organizations by introducing innovative solutions into the ecosystem. Join us for this one-hour session, as we explore the ways you can identify the needs of enterprise clients, highlight the unique selling points of your solution, and present your case in a way that your potential clients will identify with. Hear expert advice and tips on how you can improve your pitches and position yourself for lift-off when the market recovers.  


B2B Growth Hacking

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