Webinar Replay: The Basics of Enterprise Blockchain – moving beyond the hype

A few years ago, the almost manic levels of hype around blockchain led many to believe that it was already being used for everything in business from issuing insurance policies to processing international payments. As always happens, that hype calmed down and casual observers could be forgiven for thinking that blockchain had totally dropped off the radar. COVID-19 has changed that. Blockchain is once again being highlighted as an essential component of digital transformation – a way to decrease costs whilst providing traceability and, increasing transaction speed and efficiency. But if you are only just beginning your investigation into blockchain, where do you start? What features do you focus on? What real-world applications are actually in production? Join us for this 45-minute online session as we go back to basics on blockchain and answer the following questions:

  • What is enterprise blockchain?
  • Why is now the right time to be looking to build on blockchain?
  • How can blockchain-based solutions unlock new value for you and your customers?

Business of Blockchain

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