Webinar replay: Digital Trade Networks in Uncertain Times

As the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) health emergency continues to cause trade disruptions throughout the world, it is highlighting the fragility of global supply chains. Such volatility and uncertainty demonstrate the importance of digital initiatives to bring greater trust, transparency, and supply chain certainty during uncertain times. Supply chain stakeholders and technology providers are increasingly looking at blockchain to increase the efficiency, traceability, and control to address industry challenges head-on. As blockchain deployments scale up in 2020 across different industries, and as new marketplaces and consortia emerge to drive forward the revolution of physical and financial supply chains corporates will increasingly access the benefits of the technology, as the barriers to adoption dissolve. Read about R3’s predictions. This webinar will explore how global emergencies can affect transactional relationships between buyers, suppliers, logistics firms, banks, and others – and how emerging technologies such as blockchain are providing long term solutions to address future volatility in global trade. The discussion will highlight the advantages of permissioned networks and new distributed applications in the delivery of sustainable, efficient and transparent supply chains. Speakers

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