Enterprise Blockchain Development for your Business: Ideation to Production

Date: June 21 2023
Time: 3:00pm BST | 10:00am ET

In this webinar, R3’s Sam Virani and Jared Turkus will be joined by three innovative startups that have built on Corda. They will discuss how they have successfully developed and scaled distributed applications (CorDapps) that help to solve industry pain-points.

The three CorDapp builders you will hear from are:

  • Cario– allows users to digitize their automotive titles on-chain to optimize transfer times, lower costs and increase visibility between participants.
  • Certchain – a platform dedicated to enhancing the quality, safety, and compliance standards for built assets within the construction industry.
  • Greenium– Greenium facilitates platform-based, bank-independent financing for sustainable assets.

Register now to learn how Corda is being used to automate business processes across entities, drive faster settlement, streamline reconciliation, and manage the lifecycle of digital assets.

  • Jamie Solomon

  • Stephen Holt Bjornerud

    Certchain Limited
  • Luc Olinger


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