Application of Blockchain in Clinical Research Recording

During clinical trials, human biological samples are collected at clinical investigator sites over an extended period. Flawless administration of the chain of custody is critical to sample management because correct handling impacts both the course and results of clinical trials. Defective sample management can involve missing or contaminated samples, incomplete data, delays in reporting results, and substandard logistics. This leads to higher costs, lack of transparency, and other problems that can be avoided with the use of better technology like DLT. Q2 Solutions, a leading global clinical trial laboratory services organization that helps customers achieve better clinical trial outcomes, conducted a sample tracking proof-of-concept (POC) using distributed ledger technology (DLT, aka “blockchain”) in partnership with HSBlox, Inc. The goal of the POC was to explore real-time tracking of human biological samples in clinical trials. The POC simulated collection, transportation, test result generation, and storage of the sample. For the POC, HSBlox’s patent-pending Digital Sample Manager (DSM™) solution utilized R3’s Corda platform and was deployed in the Microsoft Azure cloud. View the recording today!

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