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Powered by Corda, Digital Currency Accelerator is an end-to-end solution that enables central banks, commercial banks, and monetary authorities to issue, manage, transact, and redeem CBDCs and privately-issued digital currencies. It offers an environment that scales with you—customers start with an R3-managed sandbox, begin to develop and test in their own environment, and eventually move into production with a digital mint capability. The solution integrates easily with existing systems and is interoperable with enterprise public chains and protocols.


Start with a simulation in an R3 managed sandbox.

Develop and test

Run pilots and projects in your own environment.

Deploy and maintain

Issue, distribute, and exchange a CBDC, stablecoin, or tokenized deposit in production with a digital mint capability.

From exploration to advanced building

Accelerate digital currencies

Market participants can start with simulation in an R3—managed sandbox, move to pilots and projects in their own environment, and eventually issue, distribute, and exchange a digital currency in production with a digital mint capability.

Programmable, Smart Monitoring

Create secure CBDC tokens and issuance workflows that integrate with core systems

The digital mint capability enables programming of business rules into the CBDC and smart monitoring of money supply. Other capabilities include Corda code as open source, wholesale and retail CBDC sample applications and interoperability between networks.

Digital token lifecycle managEment

Privately issued digital money

Tokens can be securely and easily minted, transferred and redeemed. For example, a bank can deposit assets in exchange for a token that is defined and created on the network. That ‘minted token’ can be transferred to an owner to pay for an asset on the network and redeemed by a custodian for fiat currency.


Differentiating between CBDCs, tokenized deposits, and fiat-back stablecoins


Digital versions of a country’s fiat currency that are issued and regulated by the central bank. Types include wholesale CBDCs, retail CBDCs, cross border and offline payments, which can deliver payment efficiencies and direct translation of monetary policy.

Tokenized deposits

Digital representations of deposits held at a financial institution, converted into transferable and accessible tokens. They promise improved liquidity, efficient cross-border transactions, and fractional ownership.​

Fiat-backed stablecoins

A tokenized currency that can be circulated as a digital bearer instrument that is backed 100% by a reserve of central bank assets or commercial bank holdings. They offer improved cross-border payments and settlement without relying on a central bank.​


See CBDCs in action

Learn how central banks, commercial banks, exchanges, payment providers and more collaborate with one another in a ready-made CBDC ecosystem.


Discover use cases and insights by exploring the Digital Currencies Hub

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