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R3 Grows Blockchain Ecosystem with Global Partner Program

R3’s Partner Connect fuels momentum in world’s largest blockchain ecosystem by enabling partners to deliver apps tailored to key industries

(London/New York) – R3, the enterprise blockchain software firm, has launched a partner program designed to train and educate its global network of partners, drive application and solution development, build professional services practices and accelerate customer deployments.

R3’s Partner Connect provides an extensive framework of support to independent software vendors (ISVs), system integrators (SIs) and business network operators (BNOs) building apps on the Corda Enterprise blockchain platform. R3 will provide firms that sign up to Partner Connect with resources to build out and sell their applications and services on Corda Enterprise.

“Launching our foundational Partner Connect program enables R3 to further support partners in bringing solutions to market, as we continue to drive momentum on Corda Enterprise and establish the network effect that is so critical to realizing the benefits of blockchain technology,” says Dorothy Copeland, Head of Partner Ecosystem & Strategic Alliances at R3. “Corda Enterprise was designed for this very purpose: to empower our partners to build solutions and services that transform the industries in which they operate.”

R3 works with hundreds of consulting, cloud technology and software partners around the world, including Accenture, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Capgemini, Cognizant, Deloitte, Infosys, TCS, Wipro, SAP and Nasdaq. More than 350 institutions are currently deploying and building on Corda and Corda Enterprise, and momentum continues to grow in industries as diverse as financial services, banking, insurance, trade finance, supply chain and telecommunications.

In banking and financial services, R3 is driving transformation in central bank digital currency (CBDC), working with global consulting partners to enable central banks around the world to modernize their currencies.

“Collaboration is critical to success in the enterprise blockchain industry,” says John Velissarios, Global Managing Director – Digital Assets, Custody & Central Bank Digital Currencies at Accenture. “Our partnership with R3 has driven our progress in the CBDC space, where we now offer Corda Enterprise-based solutions to central banks around the world. Accenture is also a founding member of R3’s CBDC Working Group, and we look forward to discussing our exciting work at CordaCon.”

Capgemini is building an R3-based supply chain and payments solutions, available on AWS. Damien de Chillaz, Head of Blockchain & B2B Platforms at Capgemini, says “We recently launched our solution Trusted Data Exchange, powered by Corda Enterprise and AWS, to enable the secure and private exchange of data in business ecosystems, ranging from KYC in Financial Services to Supply Chain and Procurement in manufacturing. Working closely with R3 and our strategic cloud partners is critical to the success of this solution, its adaptation per industry and its deployment at scale.”

With the launch of Partner Connect, R3 is pleased to feature partners that already have expertise in deploying Corda Enterprise for financial services customers. Featured partners at launch include Accenture, BBCHAIN, Capgemini, Cognizant, Deon Digital and Nasdaq. Additional industries and featured partners will be added throughout 2021.

Learn more about Partner Connect at the Partner Programs Announcement session at CordaCon or by visiting R3 partners Accenture, IBM, Infosys and Wipro are Corda Champion sponsors of CordaCon.


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