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R3 Acquires World Class Regulated Markets Stablecoin Issuance Capability with Ivno Software

R3 has acquired the technology and team of the financial asset tokenization specialist Ivno, enabling the use of Ivno-developed capabilities across the Corda platform. This acquisition further strengthens R3’s capabilities in the digital assets and currency space.

Ivno’s secure, dynamic smart contract and tokenization platform is designed for regulated financial services firms. It enables users to rapidly tokenize assets such as gold, cash, collateral and artwork, providing a modern way to increase liquidity, improve security and enable the rapid and low-cost transfer of assets.

The solution was developed to comply with regulatory requirements, and its robust design delivers atomic transactions on a 24/7 basis, meaning settlement failures, delays and related infrastructure issues are consigned to history.

Integrating Ivno’s capabilities will empower R3’s customers to optimize balance sheet management through tokenization of underlying assets while benefitting from the performance and security of Corda. It will also enhance the capabilities of R3 Sandbox for Digital Currencies, allowing customers to experiment with tokenization of digital assets and explore various emerging stablecoin models before moving to the production-ready solution.

Aaron Grantham, CEO of Ivno, said: “Customers will be able to take advantage of Ivno’s innovative tokenization software capabilities with the benefits offered by a true enterprise framework provided by R3. I am convinced this will allow rapid adoption of new business solutions using DLT-led technology paradigms.”

Todd McDonald, Chief Product Officer of R3, said: “Digital cash and tokenized liquid assets represent one of the biggest innovations in financial markets. The underlying technology provides an opportunity to significantly optimize the cost and speed of financial transactions. The acquisition of Ivno’s high-quality software built on Corda significantly accelerates R3’s ability to offer enterprise-grade and regulatory-friendly stablecoin issuance capabilities to our customers. As the first step, Ivno’s capabilities will be integrated with R3’s Digital Currency Sandbox.”

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About Ivno

Ivno, co-founded by Chris Rayner-Cook and Dan Halstead, comprises senior financial services professionals and dynamic technology experts. Their experience encompasses fund management, operations, risk management and technology, including DLT change programmes. The development team brings over 40 years of successful enterprise software development and implementation project experience. Ivno’s software is the Tokenization engine for deployment in the Corda environment, with interoperability with other blockchain architectures such as Ethereum. The company was founded in 2018 and is headquartered in London.