Streamline lending around a modern, user-centered experience

  • The Small Business Association (SBA) 7a secondary loan market process is inefficient and suffers from a poor user experience
  • This market has slow price discovery times (around 24 hours) across hundreds of sellers, leading to inconsistent pricing and an opaque issuance process for borrowers
  • Sellers are required to submit many data fields manually to each originator, which leads to inconsistency and errors
  • Streamline SBA 7a lending with transparent, real-time price discovery and loan execution
  • Create a DLT-based profile for SBA 7a borrowers with immutable reporting of documents and data required for secondary loan issuance
  • Manage the lifecycle of secondary SBA 7a loans on chain, removing the risk of data inconsistency across parties
  • Shortened the time needed to conduct price discovery from hours to minutes
  • Added deal velocity to the 20-30K SBA loans issued annually by 450 originators, improving the 40-50% IRR
  • Improved market premiums from 10-20% for secondary market sales