Tokenized CRE (commercial real estate) loans

  • Commercial real estate (CRE) loans are generally private assets from a lender’s perspective and obligations from a borrower’s perspective
  • CRE loans provide a high interest rate when compared to bank deposits but cannot meet high liquidity requirements
  • Realstocks digitizes and automates the loan agreement process and fractionalizes the CRE loan into tokens
  • These tokens are then tradeable on Realstocks OTC-trading platform and later on established exchanges
  • The solution creates an alternative to low and negative interest rate deposits

Why Corda?

  • Because of its unique ability to easily model digital assets with underlying legal agreements and obligations
  • OTC bulletin board for secondary trading before maturity
  • Enables the loan token to provide daily liquidity on established
  • Tokens are 100% secured by high-quality EU super core commercial properties
  • 0 Days High liquidity of a bank deposit for fractionalized CRE loans