Private placement securities solution

  • Margin under pressure due to heavy administration costs associated with private placements operations
  • Held on paper, lack of standardization, archaic and outdated system
  • Investor access difficulties and inefficiencies causing significant delays
  • Digital Vault will give investors real-time access to records of securities bought on private markets
  • Implemented on R3’s Corda, it allows creation of a seamless workflow throughout the entire lifecycle of private placements from months to days

Why Corda?

  • Chosen for being the most suitable DLT platform due to asset agnostic, scalability, privacy, and ease of auditing
  • $20B valued assets during launch
  • Cutting down administration costs and delays from issuance to participation
  • $7.7T target market
  • HSBC became the first bank in the world to offer tokenized gold, held in the bank’s London vault.