Platform for investing in and financing sustainable assets

  • Investors are limited to solutions involving the wholesale acquisition of projects, which involves high servicing expenses and legal complexity
  • Requires significant upfront financing by the leasing company and traditional methods are not scalable due to counterparty exposure constraints
  • Granular solution that facilitates investments without the need for investors to acquire and service the assets themselves
  • Leasing company contributes ‘Lease Objects’ (assets to the platform), which triggers a financing need
  • Each ‘Object’ is tokenized into a unique Basis Token and bundled to create Greenium Tokens, which represents a share within a securitization fund
  • Lease payments are made to leasing company and coupon & amortization payments are paid out periodically to investors 
  • Regulated and supervised by BaFin (Germany)
  • Any sustainable asset can be financed, tokenized and individually allocated
  • Fractionalization allows minimum investment of €‎500