Democratizing physical gold ownership digitally

  • Physical assets such as gold have historically lacked a link to the financial system rendering those assets literally trapped in a vault and subject to negative carry costs
  • Acquiring and selling physical gold has been traditionally cumbersome with opaque pricing despite the deep liquidity of the spot market
  • Storing physical gold has traditionally been risky and expensive
  • Why Corda? Corda was chosen because it simplifies connectivity to Gilded’s bank financing partners through an established private network. Furthermore, participation on Corda enables third-party independent verification, administration and audit of client holdings.
  • Because of Gilded’s connectivity to banks through Corda, physical gold can now be pledged as collateral to earn a yield through investments in hedge funds, reinsurance, private credit, etc.
  • Clients can access the physical gold asset class without the drawbacks of ETF’s, futures, stablecoins and other paper gold instruments
  • Non-bank, insured storage in a variety of jurisdictions provides options for clients concerned with geopolitical or systems risks