Ericsson Customer Acceptance (ECA)

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) often includes multiple parties and requires the dissemination of sensitive data
  • In a traditional 2-3 tier architecture, the hosting party owns the data
  • Risk of potential data tampering
  • Data layers hosted by 3rd parties create trust issues
  • ECA blockchain solution enables automation in NSD (Network Delivery Service)
  • Bridges Ericsson and its customers, by sharing data with transparency on a need-to-know basis–creating one source of truth, and one point for sign off
  • ECA allows customers to get a real-time status dashboard across all projects

Why Corda?

  • Corda was chosen for its P2P architecture and built in workflow routing engine
  • Improved trust & security
  • End-to-end digital workflow
  • Designed with users, for users
  • Cloud based with extended automation