Digital MRV and Tokenization Platform

  • Urgent need for scalable, traceable, and digital carbon credits across compliance and voluntary markets
  • Global momentum towards challenging Scope 3 emissions reporting requirements, scrutiny into carbon offset performance, and greater data provability for ESG investments
  • Uses a secure Corda ecosystem to register projects, conduct identity compliance, and platform 3rd-party data verification
  • Utilizes IoT device data with source ID registered during tokenization
  • End-to-end solution for carbon monetization, trading and retirement
  • Supports integration with regulators, multiple data verifiers, and insurers
  • Minting capabilities to public token ecosystems including Cardano & Ethereum
  • Industrial partnerships with large-scale cleantech solutions
  • 40%+ reduction in commodity trading and data compliance costs
  • Higher marketability, value and trust for verified and traceable assets
  • Production X10N platform launching in November 2023