FCA regulated digital asset exchange

  • The electronic trading industry is still burdened with low liquidity across many assets
  • Investors have a limited choice of investable assets and SMEs have limited options to raise capital
  • As electronic trading has advanced, the post-trade processing is still inefficient
  • Archax tokenizes traditional securities and enables the tokenization of alternative assets to provide liquidity to previously illiquid assets such as art or real estate
  • investors can interact with Archax through it customized front-end user interface of catalog of APIs
  • Archax chose Corda for post-trade processing because of its tested performance and proven track record in financial markets
  • 1st FCA-regulated exchange for fractionalized & tokenized digital assets
  • Enables the issuance and trading of tokenized alternative assets
  • Tokenized capital raising for SMEs create liquidity and democratizes market participation