Dr. Alisa DiCaprio

Chief Economist

Alisa DiCaprio is the Chief Economist here at R3. In this role she oversees R3’s research and market intelligence functions. This includes providing economic advice on developments in digital assets, CBDC, trade and payments as well as contributing to R3 interactions with the public sector. 

From 2017-2022 Alisa held various positions in R3 covering trade and supply chain as well as research and training.  She joined from Asian Development Bank where she was a senior economist working on digital trade, trade finance and innovation. During that time, she headed the team that calculated the global trade finance gap. Prior to ADB, she was an academic economist with the United Nations. She has also served in both the public and private sectors on export promotion, trade negotiations, and development issues. 

She has worked in Cambodia, Chile, Finland, Japan, the Philippines, Thailand, and the US. Her PhD is from MIT, and she holds a BA and MA from Johns Hopkins University.