Digital ‘smart bonds’ that automate the bond lifecycle

  • The bond lifecycle comprises multiple separate work streams that have traditionally been split into separate silos
  • Each silo requires continual manual inputting and repeated reconciliations
  • This leads to increased costs, reduced speed and exposes the processes susceptible to security errors and vulnerabilities
  • Agora creates ‘smart bonds’ that can regulate their own activity and enforce their own rights and obligations
  • Bonds will be digitally signed and available to all participants in a deal, eliminating the need for manual inputs and costly reconciliations

Why Corda?

  • Chosen for its privacy and excellent customer support, and the fact that it accelerates the issuance of bonds and provides a reconciled database without creating a centralized data repository
  • Automates the bond lifecycle from inception to redemption
  • Eliminates reconciliations and improves data sharing
  • Corda flow framework enables automation of bonds