Singapore FinTech Festival x SWITCH 2020

The Singapore FinTech Festival x SWITCH 2020 is the world’s first week-long round-the-clock, hybrid digital and physical event and will be taking place on December 7-11. Participants can look forward to a digitally enhanced SFF 2020 that provides a rich immersive experience combining physical and online access.

R3 is delighted to be an exhibitor and a host to several co-exhibitors from our ecosystem for both SFF and SWITCH global community events hosted by MAS. You can locate us at R3’s Booth in the Blockchain Zone/Pulau Ubin and R3’s Building in SG Blockchain Village.

In addition, our global management and experts will be sharing insights during the following sessions:

December 8, 10am SGT : Blockchain in Finance: The Singapore Experience | Amit Ghosh
December 8, 1.30pm SGT: Blockchain 2025 – Where Are We Headed? | Amit Ghosh
December 8, 8.30pm BST / December 9, 4.30am SGT: Beyond the hype: Can blockchain cross the disillusionment chasm? | David E Rutter
December 10, 4pm SGT: Trade Finance: Are we moving from silos to siloed networks? | Muneeb Shah
December 11, 4pm SGT: Solving the decentralisation-privacy dilemma | Richard Gendal Brown

Visit R3’s Exhibition Booth at Singapore FinTech Festival 2020 here.
Visit R3’s SWITCH Building at SG Blockchain Village here.

For full details and registration, visit the event website here.

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