Identifying and building a business case on blockchain

A recent study by Accenture stated that “64% of blockchain initiatives are currently being funded by IT or research/innovation budgets” – implying that until now many projects have not made the transition from innovation to business user, or enterprise IT adoption. As blockchain technology has matured, it has provided Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) with an opportunity to create new revenue-generating and modernized software solutions.

Customers – regardless of industry – will want to use blockchain applications that can operate and scale in a new digital-first world. Product and innovation leads should be looking to develop new distributed applications that bring users of their software into sync in new networks that enable real-time data exchange, with strict privacy, high accuracy, and the ability to verify transactions without intermediaries. To build a business case for this kind of inter-firm connectivity demands an understanding of enterprise blockchain technology and the potential return on blockchain investment (ROBI).

Aimed at CIOs, Product Managers, and Enterprise IT professionals, this 45-minute webinar will include how to:

  • Define whether enterprise blockchain is the right technology to meet your needs
  • Build a business case based on measurable outcomes to support buy-in and increase chances of success
  • Develop a framework to ensure ROBI

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