HKIB Annual Banking Conference 2020

Digital transformation is now at the forefront of senior professionals’ minds, including in the banking industry. As the banking industry continues its conquest towards digital transformation, new opportunities arise in the landscape for emerging technology to take root and revolutionize legacy banking systems.

We are proud to announce that R3 is the Gold Sponsor for The Hong Kong Institute of Bankers (HKIB) Annual Banking Conference – Innovation and Transformation: A Brave New World of Banking. Join the conference as industry leaders take a dive into hot topics that are making waves in the banking industry, and head down to R3’s virtual booth to take a peek into what Corda blockchain has to offer to the banking industry and how it has already started evolving with blockchain technology.

This hybrid conference will take place virtually and at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center on September 28, 2020. For full details and registration, visit the event website here.

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