Enterprise Blockchain 2021 Predictions

The focus of this event will be on decentralization. Right now, the central government is struggling to manage the economy due to the pandemic. The impact can be seen on public health and business and there is no way out from the economic depression that is impacting the general public day-to-day activities. Enterprises can see the situation as an opportunity to find a solution so that everyone can benefit from advancement. Also, the change should take its own time as it will take for the rules and practices to establish and then use it appropriately.

R3’s Richard Brown joins the Enterprise Blockchain 2021 Predictions virtual conference for a session on December 15 at 3pm CET/9am ET to discuss his views on how 2021 will provide better collaboration, visibility, predictability which will enable better corporate activities foundation. He will also present why the enterprise blockchain will provide the necessary tools to offer the foundations created with solid pillars.

For full details and registration, visit the event website here.

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