Corda: The world’s leading enterprise blockchain platform

The financial services industry sits at a crossroads—caught between protecting current business on one side, and the need to meet rising customer demand for future-proofed solutions on the other. DLT (distributed ledger technology) provides a way forward as it can not only help banks more efficiently and effectively tackle customer issues today, but can also pave the way for the innovations of tomorrow.

Join this event to hear how Corda—a purpose-built, app development platform—has enabled the creation of some of the world’s leading multi-party solutions.

During this virtual half-day event you will hear:

  •  What’s new with Corda, including toolkits and accelerators
  • How to build new collaborative networks at your bank and unlock potential by digitizing paper-based processes
  • How to tap into the R3 blockchain ecosystem and our years of network-building expertise
  •  Use cases across capital markets, digital assets, CBDCs and payments, and global trade

This virtual event will take place from 10:00am to 12:35pm ICT on Wednesday, March 24. Please note that sessions will be held in English. 

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