Corda Challenge: Call to Action

R3 is putting out a global call to action.

These are challenging times. We have all been impacted in some way by the global health crisis, and the broader, more enduring ramifications are still not fully understood. In order to address these uncertainties, R3 believes, that during such times, an agile and collaborative approach to problem-solving, where parties share knowledge to find scalable solutions quickly, is the best path forward.

To take the first step, we are kicking off the Corda Challenge: Call to Action. We are deploying capital and other R3 resources to support initiatives from our ecosystem participants that are addressing the challenges our society is facing as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. Whether you are an independent developer with a novel idea, or an established business with a practical solution that can be deployed to address a specific pain point, we want to help you test, build and deploy that idea or solution.

Interested participants are able to either submit as a team, a solopreneur in search of a co-founder or an independent contributor looking to join a team. For this program, we are seeking solutions that either solve or support an immediate need, such as efficiencies in the healthcare system, new ways of staying connected or easing the transition out of the global shutdown in the near future.

Specifically, we are looking for those that optimize for impact and time to market, and we will be evaluating submissions based on:

  • Use case: Clearly outlines the problem space and use case being addressed
  • Solution: Overview and unique differentiation (including an understanding of the current ecosystem players and what is novel about the proposed solution)
  • Impact: Assessment of impact on current health crisis (how significantly does the solution alleviate the problem at hand? Solutions that address the highlighted use cases will be prioritized)

Submissions must include:

  • Overview of team and the plan to continue project development post-competition
    (full or part-time, team members to stay on, etc.)
  • Proposal for time to market: how quickly can the solution be developed and deployed at scale?
  • Use of Corda for solution deployment

The application and a 3-minute pitch video is due on April 24th. Selected teams will join a live, virtual pitch session and architecture review on May 11th. Winners will be announced shortly after.

Selected proposals could receive:

  • Up to USD 20k in R3 Professional Services and funding, as well as:
  • Technical, Marketing/PR and Business Development workshops
  • Monthly 1:1s with respective industry expert
  • Bi-weekly office hours with R3 Engineering & Venture Development Team

During times of extreme disruption, whether economic or social, we believe we must work together to solve the problems resulting from this virus.

Will you join us in rising to the challenge?





Helpful Resources

About Corda:

  1. Blockchain, an introduction
  2. Corda Platform (and technical) white paper
  3. What makes a Perfect CorDapp? (Corda medium)
  4. Corda Docs and Corda Key Concepts Lessons

Use Case Research:

  1. Success Stories
  2. Research
  3. CordaCon Videos


Effective Pitch Tips:

Pitch Canvas Template:

Product Demo Tools:

Wireframing Tools:

Prototyping Tools:

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