Charley Cooper on communications, cryptos, and complex institutions adopting new tech!

On this episode we talk about what the heck is going on with cryptos right now, how the money pouring into cryptos is different than whats being poured into blockchain and other emerging technologies. We talk about how R3 is investing in new tech and our development fund. We discuss how this focus on crypto and blockchain impacts heavily regulated and complex institutions. Andd we have a lot of fun in the studio along the way. Listen on your favorite podcast app or watch online below.

Quick links
R3 Development Fund Invests First USD 10 Million in Over 20 Start-ups – American Entrepreneurship Today
Global enterprise software firm R3’s Development Fund has reached the milestone of USD 10 million in capital deployed across over 30 investments in more than 20 of the most promising early-stage blockchain companies.
Time to replace crumbling capital market infrastructure – Global Risk Regulator
David E. Rutter: This unprecedented moment in time presents a game-changing opportunity for CEOs to challenge their firms’ business models and embrace the new technologies at their disposal.
SEC – Staff Statement on Funds Registered Under the Investment Company Act Investing in the Bitcoin Futures Market


  • Charley Cooper

    Chief Communications Officer
  • Catherine Rutter

    Digital Marketing Manager
  • Conan Brophy