HOT TOPIC ALERT! CBDCs with the European Central Bank

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Dirk Bullmann and Cédric Humbert join the podcast to discuss central bank digital currencies and what central banks are doing in the blockchain space with Catherine and R3’s head of government relations, Isabelle Corbett. Listen on your favorite podcast app!




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00:00-08:20 Isabelle Corbett and Catherine talk about Government relations and why it’s important at R3
08:20-48:05 Dirk and Cédric join!

Links from the episode…
BIS – Central bank group to assess potential cases for central bank digital currencies
ECB Website
Stella links:
Part I Payment systems for the report: “Payment systems: Liquidity saving mechanisms in a distributed ledger environment”
Part II Securities settlement systems for the report: “Delivery versus payment in a distributed ledger environment”
Part III Cross border payments for the report: “Synchronised cross-border payments”
Part VI Privacy and auditability for the report: “Balancing confidentiality and auditability in a distributed ledger environment”

EUROchain & CBDC
“Exploring anonimity in central bank digital currencies” December 2019

Stablecoins & crypto-assets
Crypto-assets – trends and implications
In search for stability in crypto-assets: are stablecoins the solution?

Reports & Upcoming conference
Peer-to-Peer Financial Systems 2019 Event in Frankfurt
Distributed ledger technologies in securities post-trading report

ECB Podcast Cover
  • Dirk Bullmann

  • Cédric Humbert

  • Isabelle Corbett

  • Catherine Rutter