Kumbaya! David E. Rutter is on (40 episodes late, in his opinion!) to talk to Catherine and Todd about the growth of R3 and our humble beginnings at #CordaCon2019

R3 Founder and CEO David E. Rutter alongside Co-founder and CPO Todd McDonald sit down with Catherine at CordaCon2019 for a fun conversation about the company’s humble beginnings. They chat about the first few months of the company from the perspectives of the intern and the founders! This hilarious episode may have gotten David a ticket to join the podcast again.

June 3 2015 – Start up life tweet
July 27 2015 – Todd making everyone laugh in the enzo office
CordaCon 2019 site (videos of sessions to come!)

Music by bensound.com

  • David E. Rutter

  • Todd McDonald

  • Catherine Rutter