Our First Ever Podcast With Satos…. er, I mean Mike Hearn

Our Blockchain Byte this week dives into Smart Contracts. Catherine has a special guest Neepa Patel who just released the paper “Blockchain KYC/AML Utilities for International Payments: A Regulatory Solution for Anti-Money Laundering and Financial Inclusion?” Catherine and Neepa discuss the paper and an interesting recent news article that was just released on Coin Desk, “A Porsche Speedster Is Being Turned Into Tokens.” After that, Catherine talks with Mike Hearn, whose resume includes Google and Bitcoin before coming to R3. Mike discusses if he is in fact, Satoshi 😉 , what originally attracted him to the bitcoin world, if he ever considered its potential for usage by the very institutions it was intending to disintermediate, what the shortcomings are of ‘traditional’ blockchain technology for enterprise usage, and more! Visit our meetup page www.meetup.com/pro/corda and sign up for CordaCon Tokyo here.
Music from bensound.com

  • Mike Hearn

    Special Guest
  • Neepa Patel

    Special Guest