The Foundation of Digital Trust

Trust technology 101

Trust technology or “TrustTech” refers to any technology that enhances and  propagates trust. It has the potential to transform the future of business by delivering technical assurances of trust between parties. R3’s trust technology foundation consists of Corda which delivers digital trust.


What is trust technology—and why you should care

Trust technology delivers the power of digitization to regulated markets.

With digital trust emerging as a paramount concern for organizations and consumers, business leaders and technology suppliers must expand their understanding of trust and its importance to success in the new digital economy. Customers want to know that the companies they do business with are authentic and trustworthy. Businesses, in turn, need to demonstrate their authenticity and trustworthiness through their technology solutions.

Shaping the future

What trust technology can deliver for your business

Drive accelerated time-to-value

When trust is there, you can collaborate in ways that you never thought possible, to achieve things that you never thought possible.

Build new systems and revenue streams

Build new solutions and revenue streams faster with “modularized” platforms and software development toolkits.

Optimize and innovate operations

Leverage technology that delivers trust between parties to automate and remove frictions, inefficiencies and unnecessary costs in your business operations.


R3 has the know-how and trust technology to help you succeed.

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