Case Study

Automating the commodity trading process

Gavea is a Brazilian agricultural technology company that connects the end-to-end commodity supply chain from buyers to sellers. Powered by Corda, the Gavea Marketplace solution enables product traceability, full price transparency and eliminates the need for a middleman with its unique matching mechanism.


Lack of Digital Infrastructure and Transparency

Manual processes make it challenging to track provenance and prevent mutual access to fair pricing information.

Regulation requires Proof of Environmental Impact

Failure to provide, significantly impacts a company’s reputation.

Existing Solutions Unfit for Data Synchronization 

Traditional solutions focus on intraorganizational optimizations and fail to connect data silos across external parties.


Gavea Marketplace

Digital commodities exchange where producers and consumers can trade, track and settle commodities all in one platform. 

Leverages Corda Permissioning

Chosen for its private architecture which allows participants to retain full control over their data, while transacting peer-to-peer on a multi-party exchange.

Leverages Corda’s Token SDK

Reduces time-to-market and standardizes the creation, issuance, and trading of commodity assets.


Improves Market Infrastructure

Participants no longer have to rely on costly and inefficient manual processes.

Benefits All Participants

End-to-end supply chain traceability, full price transparency, positive ESG impact, and higher profit margins for producers.

Commodity Tokenization

Assess product’s value based on pre-defined parameters such as origin and quality, proving its provenance.

Access to New Markets, Lowering Risk, Reducing Costs

Enables buyers to access new markets and lower operational risk with no additional fixed costs and lower transaction costs.

The network and the nodes are written in Kotlin and can be set to run on the biggest clouds out there. This allows the whole solution to be scalable according to the needs of our regulated customers.

Bruno Holtz—CTO, Gavea