Case Study

The network of networks digitizing trade finance

Contour is a Singapore-based digital trade network founded by leading trade banks and industry partners to solve long-standing inefficiencies in global trade. Powered by Corda, Contour transforms trade finance products, starting with letters of credit (LOC), boosting speed, visibility and trust across the international trade finance ecosystem.  


Inefficiencies of Traditional Trade Finance

Paper-based processes of trade transactions impact cost, complexity and turnaround times.

Legacy Processes Hamper Growth

Lack of automation results in higher costs for banks to provide and sell letters of credit and for corporates to use letters of credit to expand into new markets.


Leverages Corda Permissioning

Addresses the privacy, security and throughput demands of trade finance networks.

Open APIs

Integrates all participants and transactions in the letters of credit process securely and seamlessly.

Partnerships with essDocs and Bolero

Enables banks and corporates to securely share and track electronic bills of lading.

Partnership with TradeCloud

Allows commodities producers, consumers and traders to automate LOC processing.


Real-Time Transparency

Data is synchronized and updated simultaneously across all parties, eliminating reconciliations.

Accelerates the Digitized Letter of Credit Process

Cuts paperwork by more than half and reduces processing time from 10 days to 24 hours.

Security for Verified Participants

Unique identities ensure that only authorized parties can access the data.

Expedited Payment for Sellers

Enables documentation to arrive simultaneously with or even before the goods, allowing sellers to receive payment in a matter of days rather than weeks.

Corda’s privacy, security and scalability capabilities are truly unique in the enterprise blockchain world. Corda provides us the ability to empower our members by decentralizing data while guaranteeing synchronicity between peers, a unique proposition that is integral to our success.

Carl Wegner—CEO, Contour