Case Study

The next generation of property market infrastructure

Coadjute is a UK-based property technology company that connects the various parties, systems, and software applications across the residential housing market value chain. Powered by Corda, the Coadjute Network enables users across businesses using different systems to participate seamlessly in the end-to-end process of managing and completing property transactions. The Coadjute Network is now live in the UK property market and rolling out nationally.


Lack of Digital Connectivity and Integration

Disparate systems and processes waste valuable time and money for all participants in a residential property transaction. 

Property Market Plagued by Inefficiencies

Although largely digitized on the surface, the UK property market lacks integrated and unified digital capabilities.


Network Connecting the Residential Property Ecosystem

An integrated and transparent end-to-end transaction process, enabling different systems in the ecosystem to connect, communicate and exchange information in a secure, trusted, and confidential way. 

Digital Completion APIs

APIs that enable mortgage lenders to transfer money to other participants, issue tokenized money, sign transactions, accept redemption claims and destroy tokens after redemption.


Accelerates Deal Cycles and Improves User Experience

50% reduction in the time taken to complete property deals, improving overall experience and operational efficiency for all participants.

Reduces Cost and Risk

Solution allows all network participants to operate on a shared source of truth reducing the risk of fraud and delays from reconciliations and fund confirmations.

Moving home is one of the biggest and most important transactions many people will do in their lives. Our goal is to make the process faster and easier, with confidentiality and security critical considerations. This is why we have built our network using R3’s financial-grade trust technology, because we believe people’s data should be treated as safely and securely as their money.

Dan Salmons—CEO, Coadjute

Improve multi-party workflows and asset tokenization capabilities with Coadjute.