The Path to Global Regulated Digital Market Infrastructure

By: The R3 Team

At CordaCon 2020, Tim Grant from SIX Digital Exchange (SDX) provided us with a vision of the future of the capital markets, in his presentation on the path to a global regulated digital market infrastructure.

As Tim highlighted, SDX’s vision is a next-generation global financial ecosystem that empowers everyone to translate their ideas into impactful commercial realities. And SDX’s mission is to make this happen, by working together with a range of partners to build the bridge to the financial market ecosystem of tomorrow. DLT infrastructure integrated with Corda is a key technology pillar underpinning this ecosystem, powering the progression to global capital markets founded on truly digital assets.

“A lot of the capabilities that we know we’re going to take advantage of are only there because of DLT and digital assets and the opportunities that they provide.” – Tim Grant, CEO, SIX Digital Exchange

Alongside DLT, a further key enabler for SDX’s vision to become reality is collaboration. “We’re delighted to be working with all of our partners. We’re making great progress, and anticipate to be demonstrating cross-border central bank digital currency, leveraging the SDX infrastructure and of course, the Corda platform underneath. And I want to mention the importance of ecosystem. All the pieces of the puzzle need to come together to create an ecosystem that allows us to really get to global liquidity.”

If you’d like to hear more about the revolution that SDX is bringing about in global capital markets, click here to view Tim Grant’s presentation in full.