The Corda Partner Network

Have you ever asked yourself what makes a platform powerful? What allows one to succeed while another fails? And why the customer is willing to put their money down when faced with so many competing options? Inevitably, it doesn’t come down to just the underlying technology, although that piece is critical.

Over the past two years, R3 has developed a client base of over 100 global banks, buy-sides, insurance companies, technology companies, central banks, regulators, and trade associations – the ultimate end users of our Corda platform. Yet the focus for any aspiring platform needs to extend beyond the user; there must be value for both users and application builders. Bill Gates said it best: “A platform is [in place] when the economic value of everybody that uses it exceeds the value of the company that creates it.” Modern platforms, like iOS and Salesforce, are maniacally focused on nurturing a two-sided ‘Platform Economy,’ where end users are delighted and application partners are empowered.

A platform’s strength comes from a flourishing ecosystem of partners: developers, support providers, application builders, systems integrators, independent software vendors and various other participants. They must see themselves as true partners, with their success and the platform’s success inextricably linked.

R3 recognized early on the potential for our partners to generate significant revenue by contributing to an ecosystem of interoperable applications built on our Corda platform. Over the last two years, R3 has worked feverishly to build a vibrant community of partners and provide them with the support and freedom needed to develop innovative solutions that solve their (and our) customers’ specific challenges. We were proud to launch our Corda 1.0 platform earlier this year, and today I am excited to announce our platform ecosystem: the Corda Partner Network.

Our initial network of over 60 partners is comprised of a diverse array of companies across industries and regions. But each have a shared goal – to harness the power of Corda’s unique take on blockchain technology to deliver distributed applications and services in new, more nimble ways that deliver lower costs, improved capital efficiency and new revenue opportunities to end users.

Our partners are working with us in a number of ways: with some such as Microsoft, Intel and Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Corda is being integrated with their technology; some are building end-user applications on Corda, such as Calypso, Finastra, SIA and TradeIX; others are delivering custom-built solutions for clients on Corda and some are advising their clients on the business potential of the platform. As an open and inclusive platform, Corda’s common protocol ensures seamless interoperability between all these applications and services, just as our clients demand.

We are delighted to see this vision now become a reality, with commercial deployment of the first applications based on Corda – known as CorDapps – on track for early 2018. Working together with our partners, we are rapidly moving towards our goal of making Corda the leading blockchain platform for digital cash, assets and trade. And we would love for you to join us. Please contact us at [email protected] to learn how your company can become part of our Corda Partner Network.